Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Die ANC-Regierung - Eine Ehegeschichte

Noch neun Tage bis zu den Kommunalwahlen - und viele Experten halten sie für die ersten spannenden Wahlen in Südafrika seit 1994, weil die Übermacht des ANC an manchen Orten nicht mehr so sicher ist. Über die Beziehung der Südafrikaner zum ANC hat Thembelani Vuntu gestern in der „City Press“ eine hübsche (Ehe-)Geschichte geschrieben.

If Politics was a romance, the ANC would be a player and an abusive husband.

Yes, the ANC would be the black guy from a poor background who rescued another poor black woman from an abusive rich white husband and married her 17 years ago.

He promised her heaven on earth when he proposed.

In the first five years, the marriage seems rosy and warm, with the man showing great commitment and displaying all the necessary qualities of a good caring husband.
He promises her a new house, job or business and all the other sweet things life has to offer.

Ten years pass. Nothing happens. The woman starts to complain and threatens to leave him, but being the smooth operator that he is, he talks her out of it and she gives him another chance. He assures her that all plans are in place and that he will deliver on his promises.

From time to time, he tells her he is the only man who understands her problems and therefore she shouldn’t even look at other men because they don’t care about her, all they want is to use her.

Fifteen years pass and still no house, no job or business. The woman gets very irritated and starts throwing tantrums, and rightfully reminds him how he has broken his promises.

Instead of delivering, he resorts to blackmail, going on about her past, telling her that she should stick with him no matter because of their history and she should never forget how much he sacrificed to free her.

Out of guilt, confusion and blind loyalty, the poor woman decides to give the marriage a chance again.

He has developed a tendency to disappear and reappear with small gifts and groceries only on their wedding anniversary, telling her lies about his whereabouts, reassuring the poor woman that she is his number one priority.

Ironically, he is the one who forgets where he comes from.

The man is living large now - huge mansions, fancy cars, expensive champagne, flying business class, living in luxury hotels, and sharing his wealth with his friends and his relatives while the poor woman gets deeper into poverty.

A luta continua, the struggle continues. Sorry, I mean the marriage continues.

See you in 2014.

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